Bike Rides

Ben is having fun recording bike rides using his GPS.  Images are from Google Earth.

Two Loops

Ben took a couple of rides this week while Kathy has been riding to and from her work regularly. The first ride was out in Littleton, …

Trumansburg Loop

We had a nice little pre-breakfast ride on our last day in Ithaca. Ben's old friend, Chris, who he had not seen for 30 or more years, …

Pedal 100

Kathy and Ben did the Pedal 100 charity ride for the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation on August 16th. We rode 65.5 miles in …

To Westford and Back

This is really Kathy's commute with an alternate return route. We're trying to stay in training for the upcoming Heart and Stroke …


Ben had to go pick up the car we left at Eastern Yacht Club when we sailed to Martha's Vineyard with Steve. It was a beautiful day, …

Glastonbury, CT

Ben went down to Manchester, CT for his friend David's 40th birthday party (he's such a child).  Stayed the night to avoid driving back late to Boston, and the next morning he and David did this 25 mile ride down to the Connecticut River and back.  Start is at the top right.  The spur toward Rocky Hill was to go see the ferry across the river there.


Another fine weekend day in Boston (surrounded by rainy days).  Kathy and Ben did a 30 mile ride down the bike path through Lexington and Arlington, looping around Mystic Lakes, then up through Winchester and Woburn past Horn Pond.  Through Burlington and up the Middlesex Turnpike to Nutting Lake in Billerica, then back home, stopping for iced tea at Téa's Tea on Great Road in Bedford.  A pleasant ending to a beautiful ride.


Bedford has a "one book, one Bedford" program, and this year the book was "The Orchard" by Adele Crockett Robertson.  This is a memoir of Adele's attempts to save the family house and orchard during the depression.  We both enjoyed the book and decided to see the house.  Ben mapped out a route from Stiles Pond in Boxford.  While the route looked like 33 miles on Google maps, it ended up being nearly 40. But the weather was beautiful most of the way (we had threatening skies, but no rain, for the last hour or so), and we had a nice fish & rings lunch in Ipswich.  And, of course, we saw the house.

Merrimack River

Ben took his first longish ride since the Italy trip from Chelmsford (lower left) through Lowell, Dracut, Methuen, and Lawrence and back.  Mostly flat, though some rolling hills on the southern side of the river.  28 miles, average speed 16mph.

Venice to Florence

Kathy and Ben did a bike tour in Italy from Mira, near Venice, to Fiesole, near Florence.  Full details here.

Charles River

Today's ride may be the last before the trip for Ben.  Rode along the Paul Dudley White bike path from behind the Arsenal Mall in Watertown, down to the Museum of Science in Cambridge, back up the Boston side to Watertown Square, then back to the car.  A total of about 17 flat miles.

Bedford - Billerica

Ben did a 21 mile ride up to Billerica.  Couple of nice little lakes along the way as well as a section of the Concord River, plus a couple of real hills.

Bedford - Carlisle - Westford

Ben rode out to meet Kathy at her work on Monday.  Went a little jog (the eastern part of the loop above) on the way to Fortress in Westford.  Total length only 23 miles.  Kathy has been riding to work in the morning and back in the evening.

Bedford - Arlington - Belmont - Lincoln - Carlisle

Still training for the Venice to Florence trip, Ben and Kathy set out for a 30 mile ride, but ended up going farther: 44 miles (70km).  It was an absolutely gorgeous day around Boston.  A little warm, but no complaints!  Went through a lot of water and needed to remember to hit the power bars every hour or so to avoid "bonkage" on the hills.


Ben and Kathy needed to stop by EMS in Acton so rode there on April 19, 2009.  Made good time again, though we had the shopping stop in the middle to rest up.


Ben did this 24 mile ride through Concord and Sudbury on April 10, 2009.  Made very nice time, averaging over 15mph through admittedly flat terrain.


Kathy and I got out for our first ride of the spring, a 17 mile loop around the Concord river, on March 28, 2009.  First north through Bedford into Carlisle, then south to Concord, then back again.  Lots of horse farms along the way.

Bike Trips - 2008

We're welcoming the better weather as it means that we can do some biking again.  Our fist ride was around Lake Quannapowitt in …

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