Spring Update

It's finally spring here in Boston, and it's beginning to look like Mother Nature is agreeing that it's going to happen.  I took out my bike last week for a short ride on the bike path, and most of the snow is gone off the ground - just a few small piles left around.

We've had a pretty snowy winter, and we got pretty tired of it.  So Kathy and I did a little research and discovered that Aruba is easy and relatively inexpensive to get to, so we took a long weekend there.  Easy to get to, lots of sun, easy to get back (you clear US customs in Aruba!), so it was very refreshing.

Kathy continues to plug away at work, though it seems that their standard operating mode is "crisis", which leads to a lot of stress for her.  Ben's work with Boston Harbor Angels continues apace.  More on that in his musings pages.

We're planning a trip to Venice in May with Ariana and niece Jessica, followed by a bike tour from Venice to Florence with a group that includes our friends Tom and Michelle from Toronto.  We are totally psyched for all that!

The kids are both fine, though Ross is feeling some of the frustrations of working for a not-for-profit in a troubles school system.  He's still trying to decide what he's doing next year, which adds to his stress.  On the other hand, he came up here to visit us and friends last weekend, and has a trip to Italy planned for April for a beach ultimate tournament, so all is not bad.  Ariana is working on a bunch of scripts, and her dance card is so full that she rarely has time to call.

The new kitties are both healthy and happy, get along superbly, and keep us well entertained.

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